About Flexion

Flexion makes it easy for Android game developers to exploit the potentional of additional markets, so they can maximize the growth potential of their games.


Flexion functions as a distribution platform of Android games. The Company's unique technology has solved a distribution problem for developers and as a result, developers can now reach new channels without having to make any changes to the game code. Flexion’s service makes it profitable for developers to distribute games to multiple stores.



Flexion solves technological and commercial fragmentation. Unique technology makes games compatible with any distribution channel. Integrations and commercial relationships with channels create an aggregated user base to which games can be profitably distributed.  Flexion’s service management sees Flexion actively working with a portfolio of games meaning developers can reach new channels without additional work. For channels (i.e. stores) Flexion is a content provider.



The Company’s enabling technology is unique. It makes it possible to add, modify or remove features in games to make them compatible with the requirements of any store.

The technology does not require developers to do any redevelopment work and does not require access to the game’s source code. Once processed, games are compatible with the requirements of any supported channel.

The technology can enhance existing applications by adding features and functionality, primarily to drive revenue and user engagement. For example, gifting features can be added which allows distribution channels to create unique user acquisition campaigns and offers.



Flexion operates with a simple revenue share model, taking a percentage from payments made in distributed games.



Download Flexion's full Company Description here.

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