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On the website of Flexion Mobile, data subject is given the opportunity to subscribe to our information from us distributed through email. The input mask used for this purpose determines what personal data are transmitted, as well as when the newsletter is ordered from the controller.

Flexion Mobile informs its customers and business partners regularly by means of email based information and updates (“Email Notifications”). Our Email Notifications may only be received by the data subject if (1) the data subject has a valid e-mail address and (2) the data subject registers to subscribe to our Email Notifications.

During the registration, we also store the IP address of the computer system assigned by the Internet service provider (ISP) and used by the data subject at the time of the registration, as well as the date and time of the registration. The collection of this data is necessary in order to understand the (possible) misuse of the e-mail address of a data subject at a later date, and it therefore serves the aim of the legal protection of the controller.


The personal data collected as part of a registration for the Email Notification will only be used to distribute the notifications. In addition, subscribers may be informed by e-mail, as long as this is necessary for the operation of the Email Notification service or a registration in question, as this could be the case in the event of modifications to the Email Notification offer, or in the event of a change in technical circumstances. There will be no transfer of personal data collected by the Email Notification service to third parties. The subscription may be terminated by the data subject at any time. The consent to the storage of personal data, which the data subject has given for distribute the newsletter, may be revoked at any time. For the purpose of revocation of consent, it is also possible to unsubscribe from the Email Notifications at any time.


You can send an e-mail () or communicate this to the controller in different ways.

Our address is: Unit G5, Harbour Yard, Chelsea Harbour, London, SW10 0XD, United Kingdoms


If you want to talk to us about this, the person in charge of Data Protection is Andreas Mac Mahon


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